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Nonton Drop Zone (1994) Subtitle Indonesia

Drop Zone (1994)

RGenre: Nonton FIlm
Quality: Year: Duration: 101 MinView:
215 votes, average 5.4 out of 10

A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Ty Moncrief (Busey) specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents’ files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Pete Nessip (Snipes) lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Jessie Crossmann (Butler) so he can track them down.

Tagline:Taking crime to new heights
Budget:$ 45.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 28.735.315,00

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