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I’ve got your Halloween reading needs covered


Want some Scottish urban supernatural horror? Of Darkness and Light has been making readers sleep with the light on since 1989.


Like scary graphic novels? Based loosely on Of Darkness and Light, but set in Phoenix, AZ, Dark Heat is a collaboration between French artist Vince Larue and me.


Like William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki stories? "The Host" is my update on that series, a short story set in contemporary Scotland, published only on Kindle.

Koan Commentary: The One Who Does Not Get Sick

Image: Vince Larue


Master Tozan was sick. A monk said, “Is there anyone who does not get sick?”

Tozan said, “There is.”

The monk said, “Does the one who does not get sick take care of you?”

Tozan said, “I take care of him.”

The monk said, “What happens when you take care of him?”

Tozan said, “Then no one is sick.”

- The Book of Equanimity, Case 94

Who is the one who does not get sick? And how do you, who get sick, take care of him or her? More importantly, when you are not sick, how do those who are sick take care of you? How is the nurse healed by the patient, and what happens to the sickness?

Vince Larue’s Art for the French Translation of Before

The second book of mine to be published in French will be Before, which is being published in France as Les Nuits Blanches d’Edimbourg.

Vince Larue is doing the art for it, as he did with the first one, Regarde les Hommes Mourir.

It’s fitting that this book is being published in France, considering that its strongest influences are the films of Godard, Truffaut and Bresson, and the novella of the title is written in the style of a film - with suggestions for camera angles and music - but written in such a way as to be entirely a novel, and, while using the conventions of film, unfilmable.