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Michael Kiefer on Tweeting as Journalism


In yesterday’s post, I wrote that I think some of the best narrative journalism is being done on Twitter, and as an example I cited Michael Kiefer's coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix, AZ.

After reading what I wrote, Kiefer responded with some comments that I thought interesting:

I think it works if you approach each Tweet like haiku. I use the Tweets as notes also. So I get to tell the story more than one way, and you can use it like a comedian builds a routine, watching to see which lines get the biggest reaction. Many follow Tweets so they can ask questions. so there is a real-time interactive side of it you don’t get in other media.

And we are conducting this conversation about it via Twitter.

If you want to read Kiefer in a longer format, I recommend his nonfiction book, Chasing the Panda, and his novels Speaking English and The Lion Hunter.